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2020 Road to Recovery 10-Part Webinar Series


Access the most relevant content facing secure data destruction and records management professionals in today’s market, during this 10-part webinar series presented to the industry for FREE by i-SIGMA as part of our ongoing effort to support the industry. 

You can now access all of these pre-recorded webinars through 5 November 2020. Register Today!

Session Topics

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Webinar 1 (7 July) – Communicating During a Crisis: The Impact on Client Retention & Growth
Webinar 2 (9 July) – Selling Business Continuity and Brand Management Services
Webinar 3 (14 July) – What Does M&A and Valuations Look Like Post COVID-19
Webinar 4 (16 July) – Is It Time to Roll Out a Service? (and What Would Those Services be?)
Webinar 5 (21 July) – The Sales Process in the New Normal
Webinar 6 (23 July) – Electronics Recycling: Success in the B2B Arena Post COVID-19
Webinar 7 (28 July) – When The S#@t Hits the Fan: Planning for Investigations and Accusations
Webinar 8 (30 July) – Medical Waste Today: Will COVID-19 Have A Lasting Impact
Webinar 9 (4 August) – Insurance & Contracts: The New Relevancy
Webinar 10 (6 August) – When the Dust Clears: What Things Look Like in 3 Years


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